• Tote Bags For Life

    A tote bag is an excellent choice for those who frequently go shopping. When used for shopping, it can reduce the impact on the environment. If you use a tote bag every time you go to the grocery store, you'll save 192 plastic bags each year. Several materials used for tote bags are recycled, a tote bag made of recycled cotton canvas is a good option. When you're on the...

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  • Let's Talk About Tote Bags

    I know everyone loves a nice handbag but when it comes being practical a tote bag is a must. I've just come back from my holidays and my tote bag came with me from the airport to the beach. I had plenty of space for everything I needed, and that's a lot! There's a huge selection out there from high street to high end. Here's the tote bag that I...

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